Geek Rant

I am a Trekkie. Maybe not as much as I was a few years ago, but that is only because I haven’t been able to get a fix. Well I got my fix on Friday. Talk about taking a stale franchise and using a cascading tachyon field to push it to warp 10. My rant is actually about hearing all the trekkers/trekkies complain that its not “faithful” to the original. There are plot holes (feel free to read this in your whiniest nasally voice). These are the same people that thought that coming back in time to save whales was brilliant. The beauty of Star Trek is that the characters, the locations, and yes even the timeline can change, and it will. Personally, until this movie I have never been a great fan of the movies they lacked the depth that a good series had. That being said I hope that the new Star Trek makes a billion dollars. Maybe, then Paramount will look at doing a new fresh series. Any ways, my post can’t all be gold, thanks for listening.Star Trek Trailer

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