The Quest is Over

What quest you ask. The quest for perfect pizza. Since coming back from Italy I have been on the quest for the perfect pizza. One where the crust is hand-tossed, thin, and chewy, and the topping are there in perfect balance to make the whole greater than the sum of their parts. I have tried many different places made my own, and could never get everything in balance. Finally, a new place opened in the Bangerter Crossing plaza (where Bangerter Highway crosses I-15).  Anyway, I declare NYPD Pizziera to have the PERFECT pizza.  If you are ever in the South end of the Salt Lake Valley and are looking for food get off I-15 at Bangerter and head east.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Sounds delicious. The next time we come to visit we need to take a detour to the kitchen place you guys like!

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