Blued BBQ Beef Sandwhich


This is for the blue cheese lovers out there.  You know who you are.

Two pieces of bread toasted.
A mound of sliced roast beef
A sweet BBQ sauce (the sweeter the better)
A little bit of blue cheese you only want a touch.
Some caramelized onions

Put everything on the bread and…  well, it a sandwich, I shouldn’t have to explain it.  I will say that it is much better hot than cold.

As with all this beef and blue cheese, bacon would not hurt.  I just did not have any.

2 responses to “Blued BBQ Beef Sandwhich”

  1. just when i was thinking it was safe to read about food and not need to worry about feeling sick: it’s like you’re out to get me. but oh, i can see your strategy now, you sicko…”make her relax by talking about soup and online knitting supplies – she’ll never see it coming”…luckily, your bacon comment redeems you somewhat. My family has always had a weakness for bacon.

    • Sorry, I could not help myself. You know at some point the tub-o-cheese that I got at Sam’s Club will be gone and then maybe you will be able to read my stuff in peace.

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