If I did that right the correct song should pop into to you head.  Try for the life of me I can remember the next lines, or even the right tune.  If you know fill me in to your genius. 

Anyway, as you may have noticed I have been making some changes to the site.  As always I would love feedback.  I always have plans to make things better, but I never do. 

Things that are on the list:

  1. Build an actual logo.
  2. build themes that match the seasons.
  3. add links to other sites that have great information.  As opposed to my barely coherent rambling.
  4. actually post on a regular basis.
  5. start making $$$$$$$$$$ from the site, or one of my others.

2 responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. David Bowie – it’s also on the Shrek soundtrack (maybe the 2nd one; it’s the one where they drink the potion and, yes, “ch-ch-ch-change” into good-looking people).
    Hey- I like the looks of the thing; nice job.

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