What Do You Do

When life overwhelms you?  For over a year now I have been in a position at work that leaves me floundering.  I am in over my head and still expected to deliver.  Its tough and add that to the family and everything else, well anyway.  Lately when life overwhelms me I gear up, grab a shotgun and kill as many of the undead as possible.  It makes me feel like Ash, with a fist full of boom-stick.

I am talking about Left 4 Dead one of my favourite games.  It gratifies and satisfies my soul on a very primal level.  Waves and waves of zombies walking, running, and jumping towards you and the business end of a 12 gauge.  Tonight is our game night and that means, blue cheese and chicken pizza (yum!!!), mountain dew (diet, not so yum) and lots of yelling.  Its geeky and lame, but then again so am I.

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  1. Dude,
    I left one insulting note and no response. Come on, you are seriously loosing it. In the old days you would have been all over that. All I am looking for is a a little bit of friendly masochism so that I know that you are still alive.

    The best produce manager in the world

  2. It will be a hot day in, well you know, before you are the best produce manager in the world. Your shachunking skill lacked was marginal at best. Not to mention you were way to afraid of smart greens. Good you hear from you.

  3. EButler, perhaps it was my incorrect usage of the language of love, a.k.a. grammar. However, in this case a shotgun meant a digital rendering of an actual shotgun that is used to put holes is digitally rendered people. Not to serve them something to eat.

  4. seriously, i’m worried about you…tell me that your angst hasn’t led you to figure out a way to inflict blue cheese on innocent hick folks? This isn’t a purely academic question either…I happen to know some of said folks. hey, this’ll cheer you up: in India, they’re trying to come up with a soft drink that will draw the Indians away from the stinking American choices (Coke, Pepsi, etc. and so forth and so on). So, of course, revering the cow as they do, they will be producing a cow urine soft drink. that’s right friends, check it out if you don’t believe me. I’ve got nothing against India, Indians, cows, heck – even cow urine in a really abstract sort of way but, dude – it’s not for drinking. (don’t get all “survivor” on me). There, now, was that so hard? keep smiling and good luck with all the crap. (let me know if you figure out a way to bottle & sell that).

  5. Jody as always you have managed to both disturb me and make me laugh. Bottling crap wouldn’t that make Washington DC finally worth having around.

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