Greatest Holiday

Yes folks I am back.  After MUCH hazing over the past week and times and the fact that I finally have something to write about that is not work related, mostly the crap I was given by you my faithful somewhat obnoxious readers.

Anyway, I love Thanksgiving I mean I REALLY love Thanksgiving.  Christmas is great but is so busy and there is so many things pulling you this way and that.  It is hard to just stop and enjoy sometimes.  Thanksgiving is just about hanging out cooking and eating three of my favorite things.   Sure you can over complicate things and make it hard, but who needs 90 pies and 40 side dishes.  Make it simple and delicious and Thanksgiving will be great for you and yours.

Anyway, we went to Fillmore this year and it was a great time.  At some point all of my brothers and sisters were there just having a good time.  Wendy brought bingo and prizes.  My brothers brought their consoles.  My 6 year old has not stopped talking about how great Halo 3 is.  I decided that it was time for a card game night party with all of the associated bad-for-you food.  So I made Spinach Artichoke Dip and a couple of others and we played Bang! until 10:30.  Then went back to the hotel for some family pool time.

The next day was hanging out for the morning.  Then around noon we loaded up the family to hunt for a Christmas tree.  We found the tree and then went up to the top of the mountain for a snowball fight.  It was nice to have Fillmore mud on my vehicle, instead of dirty old Salt Lake street grime.  Maybe I will wash the car on my lawn so that I have a little bit of home at my house.

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