I Fought The Wings And The Wings Won

Or what the @&#*!? did I just eat. Ask those that know me to describe me and at some point a few words will come up, Mountain Dew, sarcastic, and finally spicy foods. I love hot food, I put hot sauce on everything I have never had any fear of going into any place and ordering the hottest thing on the menu, knowing that I would have no problem finishing the meal.

That streak has ended. I met my match at the Wing Coop a wing place in Salt Lake City. I ordered 5 wings ate 2 and threw 3 away, then I suffered an agony that I liken to the torments of the damned for the rest of the night. I can’t wait to go back!

2 responses to “I Fought The Wings And The Wings Won”

  1. play with fire and sooner or later…
    anyway, nice to hear from you again! let’s just pray that the mtn. dew doesn’t wage war. you’ve got to count on some things in life.

  2. Dude, your lack of posts has reduced me to commenting twice – I hope you’re happy.
    I saw your dad this weekend and he told me that he reads my comments sometimes when he checks your blog so, here’s a little shout-out to Ross: Hi Ross – thanks for saying hi at the craft bazaar/bizarre!
    You have got me a bit worried though Ryan; I’m concerned that those wings did you in – that or the Mtn. Dew really did turn on you. Here’s hoping you’re just stuck in the rat race of life – or, better yet, doing something so fun that you don’t want to stop and blog about it. (Knitting?)

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