Utah’s Great Unknown Secret

I guess that might have been redundant.  Never the less the fourth of July in Fillmore is a grand thing.  Loaded with tradition, patriotism,  and a great feeling of home town pride it is the only place I have ever been to that I feel like the Fourth is a great community celebration.  We started the day with the breakfast at the legion hall.  Then Chey and I went on a quick four-wheeler ride to the M, which is looking awfully ill-maintained.  What happened to the Seniors repainting it? Then the parade which was the same as every other year, which is what gives it it’s charm.  The park was next, but we could not stay long as Luke was hungry, hot, and angry which is not fun for anyone, least of all me.  The lazy hanging around waiting for the fireworks to begin.

The fireworks, oh the fireworks.  In Fillmore they have a great show, and sometimes there is audience participation.  This year my niece’s blanket was started on fire and the last shell burst low enough that we were in a birdcage of fire.  IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!! (I love Pixar movies).

One response to “Utah’s Great Unknown Secret”

  1. We have to agree, Fillmore is the place to be on the 4th. We were so happy you and your family could be in town this year. Carrie had a blast with her cousins. We love you guys.