Heaven On Earth

Gardner’s note: I tried to post this on the 3rd but the text didn’t come thourgh so here is what was supposed to be said.

The closest place that I have found to heaven is home. I wish I could find a way to stay here with the people who know me, and STILL like me.

3 responses to “Heaven On Earth”

  1. Your entry today leaves a bit to the imagination, eh? Well, I can only think that you might have been pondering the vast blessings we enjoy as Americans. Or perhaps, you were exploring the goodness of Independence Day festivities with young children and their delight in the sparkly fun. Maybe you just found gas priced below $4./gal. …You probably weren’t referring to the completely naked guy we saw in his front yard when we were tooling around Flowell. Seriously. Whatever your piece of heaven was, I’m glad to see you back – missed you for the last while. Yeah, if you weren’t avoiding Flowell already…

  2. Flowell, Oh Flowell. How I fear thee. Yikes that is all I can think of saying. Missed seeing you I saw the girls a couple of times with your Mom. You must have been crusing the seedier sides of the county.