Wild Friday Nights

So Friday what a great day. Friday once mean end the day and look for fun, go out to eat, hang out with friends, back when I had them, whatever that was the joy of it. Not anymore. This was my Friday, so far, I stayed late at work to catch up on some stuff that I need to get finished, and clean my office. Then it was off Wal-Mart to pick up crap I don’t really need. I really hate Wal-Mart, but feel like a slave to having everything I think I need in one place. Then I stood in line at Redbox knowing they wouldn’t have any of the movies I wanted, but did it anyway, they didn’t.
I need a little excitment, I wonder how hard it is to learn knitting.

One response to “Wild Friday Nights”

  1. you got me there – i totally didn’t see the end coming. and…
    not hard at all. i learned from a book at the library but it’s probably easier to find a crazy old lady and have her show you. something tells me that you’ll be puttering about in the garden and dashing off to home despot (oops, but i think i’ll keep it) and all your dreams of playing with sticks and yarn will have to wait for another day. happy weekend:)