Testing the new blog

I am just testing stuff out.

Please let me know how you like it. Things you would like to see, etc.

5 responses to “Testing the new blog”

  1. you are funny…and by funny, I mean “when did you turn into mr. rogers/ martha stewart”? i can’t believe we’re grown ups and you’re worrying about grow boxes and pre-emergent and pinewood derby cars. ok, you can laugh at me too; i just told our oldest that she could either tone down the eye makeup or i’d just throw it away and she better make sure that she had her retainer in while she was giving me that mad-face or she’d be hearing more from me. good times. it used to be a lot more fun being bossy.

  2. It’s even worse than expected. While you were being “bossy” and ruining your daughter’s social life. I was cleaning the church. Still I was hoping that “funny” was Dennis Miller funny not its a wonderful day in the neighborhood funny. I guess I will take what I can get.

  3. dude, your life is consumed with wonderful-day-in-the-neighborhood – admit it – and yet, there is a hint of snark behind the cardigan so you can rest easy. now that you’ve brought up the church cleaning though, i’m thinking perhaps you’re leaning more toward the – dare i say it? – ChurchLady.
    Still, I may actually have you beat. Lest you think it’s all fun & bossiness around here, tomorrow, I will be setting up the PTA Book Fair and last weekend, I put in my time at the local gas station selling Girl Scout Cookies. AND i am teaching knitting – to anyone that will listen. I think that i’m officially a crazy-old-lady.

  4. I was with you right up to the knitting, but there is no way that I can top knitting. Knitting and grow-boxes what the hell happened to us? However, there must be hope for us somewhere, because I am currently trying to figure out how to put metallica as my ringtone on my work phone.

  5. rock on! long live hetfield (my personal fave)…You’ll always be one of the cool kids.
    I do think that one day, you too may succumb to the powers of the knitting mojo. Right now, my best three knitters are the BMOC Jock, the Scipio wrestling farmer (it’s a Millard thing I’m sure) and the Emo Girl. So, I’m just saying, knitting: it’s not just for crazy ladies anymore. DO NOT try to tell me that i’m kidding myself. I DO NOT live in denial. knitting. is. cool. beat that metal-head.
    ok, you can probably beat that with all your techno powers and cell phone cooliosis (that’s right, i watch american idol) but, should the power go out, my knitting beats your computer voodoo…i’m pretty sure that’s what the rule book says – something about rolling a die with 8 sides and consulting the power card and then me winning. i love that rule book.
    Congrats on the site; It’s looking good.