My Day In The Rain

My Day In The Rain

A few months ago I was asked to do a senior portrait session for the daughter of a good friend of mine.  I will admit it was a little nerve racking for me, but she is a beautiful, fun girl who I have known her whole life.  How hard could it be… Well other than the extremely ominous dark clouds that where forming for the deluge that was to come.

We started out in my back yard for some “safe” shots, while I still had a reasonable amount of light.

Then it was off to Wheeler Farms.  Here almost everything was shot with with a shoot thru 30in umbrella with a SB-600 using Nikon’s CLS system to supplement the “available” light.  At this point the skies were so dark to get any kind of light I was shooting at f/4 or less and at 1/50s or less.  The end of the shoot it was actually starting to rain quite heavily, and I do mean heavily. This was the point were I was very grateful that I had a Pelican case.

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