5th Annual Studio Lighting Photowalk

5th Annual Studio Lighting Photowalk

So this was the third year I was able to attend the Studio Lighting Meetup put on by Photowalking Utah. This year I felt like my photowalking partner would be able to handle the lines should come and enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately, with my crazy busy week I was wiped out, and I slept until after it had already started. We still made it though and Chey was able to get some great pictures. As always the models were amazingly both beautiful and gracious. The hosts were knowledgeable and fun. And of course Rich Legg was a impressiveness organizer and donation plate passer. I got a couple of ok-bees (yeah made up word) but nothing great (the focus is a little soft on both of them 🙁 ).  But I love helping Chey find her vision and make some great pictures in the meantime. Mark your calendars for 12 months from now and we can meet up there and shoot some memories. 🙂

And a couple of mine…

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