Just A Second

Just A Second

So I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot for my favorite photographer Belinda Olsen.  She was shooting formals for Chase and Yeon Mi.  It was a really fun time and as always when I shoot for “real” I realize how important practice is. I am always in awe how Belinda can see her shots before she takes them that only comes with practice. Check out her site here (LINK)
Anyway, I really enjoyed it all and even got a few good shots. 😀

I love the feel of this picture. I think that it really needed some fill light to make Yeon Mi fly out of the frame. She was a gorgeous bride, and Chase had the biggest grin on his face the whole time we were there.

I saw this leave fall in the pool and I was so excited to shoot it.  However there was another photographer using the pool area and I was so glad when they left and we were able to go into the area.

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity Belinda, as always, I hope I didn’t let you down too badly.

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  1. Thanks for your help! I always enjoy having a great second photographer with me. 😀 It’s always a lot of fun to go out on a shoot with you. We need to do it again soon!

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