How Serendipitous

This is my week of serendipity (which is also the word of the week). I decided that I really wanted a Wii, so I went to Best Buy to just see if they had any, they did. So I went to dinner, Chinese, to think about it and my fortune cookie said “There is no better time to be spontaneous.” So a Wii’ng;) we will go. The Wii is evetthing a family game console should be fun for eveyone with games that everyone can compete in.
On the 25th we were on the way to This Is The Place monument and missed three exits to get there. I was tired and distracted. Anyway, we ended up in Park City at the Olympic Park which was very cool and an nice place to spend an hot July day. We saw people ski jumping and doing the acrobatics it was amazing. And the people that were doing it were maybe 15, crazy. We all went on the alpine slide which was fast, and loads of fun. We made it back for the mounument, and home for a pool party for me and the kids it was a great day.