“Camp” day 3

It is hard to call it camping went most of the day was spent playing the Wii and seeing “The Dark Knight”.  But, it is what it is, right.  We started the day with another dip in the waterfall then went to Craig’s house so that Christy could have a hot shower, wimp.  The kids and I played the Wii which I have to have now.  Then Christy took the kids back to the camp and I went and saw the new batman movie I give it a 10 out of 10 everything about it was amazing.  It is not for delicate minds though, but what do you expect with a movie about two nutcases (granted only one of them was homicidal).  We went back to camp and had tin foil dinners which is a really good dinner to have at the end of  a camping trip, no cleanup and use up leftovers.

We did learn that the EDV will sleep the whole family (inculding the dog).  Some jerk kept skulking around our campsite trying to be sneaky.  It just did not feel right so we all loaded into the back of the Expedition (where Christy and the baby have been sleeping all along) and spent the night crammed into one another.  Not very comfortable but safe.