Camp, Day 2

After a pretty good nights sleep I woke up with fear and trepidation. The night before my sister-in-law said that she could not wait for my take on a camp breakfast. Well, little did she know I never have had great success with camp breakfast. All of your breakfast meal require fairly precise heat control, a thing that I struggle with. However, I like to think that I pulled this one off fairly well. Eggs, bacon, and Krusty’s honey wheat pancakes what a way to start the day. Craig and Belinda had to leave for work so that left us on our own again. I had been feeling cruddy so I figured a good way to rinse off and cool down at the same time was to go and stand in the waterfall. The 41 degree waterfall. What a way to lose your breath. The kids figured they had to try it out as well. We had a blast, couldn’t feel our feet when we got out, but had a blast. The rest of the day included a mile long hike taking Mudi swimming and Tacos for dinner. Followed by a quick nature hike that started with someone telling us there was a rattler on the trail half way up. I almost felt like we were playing Russian Rolutte with each step. When we got back Craig and Belinda were back and this time with games an Italian one called BANG and a connect four style game called Sequence. We had a lot of fun playing until late in the night (the new screen room rocks no bugs or nothing).