Finally, A Camping Trip

Well I was finally able to load up the family and hide in a campground for a few days. We have been wanting to go to Logan Canyon again. There is a campground that we love called Spring Hallow, we stay at site 11 this time. It is only about 10 minutes up the canyon right on the edge of a little lake, but has spring fed streams going through almost the whole camp ground and a ten foot water fall you can wade to. (it was actually about 25 feet from our tent. The proximity to our campground was kind of a pain, as everyone thought that because there was a straight line between them and the waterfall it entitled them to walk right through our campground.

We started out late and by the time that we made it to Logan, got our food, hung out with my brother it was pretty late. So we had dinner and chatted then to be. I was able to convince Craig and Belinda to stay the night with us which was also very cool.

I try to admit to my failings so…. My name is Ryan and I am addicted to flashlights. I had to by two for this trip. I am very picky so when I find a flashlight that works I am in love. Well, Target has a brand that they carry called River Rock, I got a 1w LED flashlight that runs on one AA battery that is VERY bright and gives usable light 50 feet or so. Also I got a 3W lantern that runs on 3 AA that when hung up in the top of the tent will give reading light to the whole tent. Thanks Dad for the heads up on these great lights.