Fast and Faster

Boy the pinewood derby can consume your life. Another than the family things that have been in my mind nothing has interrupted the “How can I make this block of wood faster,” train of thought. We did not have to follow the rules, but I wanted to be as close to regulation as possible. Chey made a really good design and then I added the technical touches to the mix. She was thrilled, I mean jumping up and down and screaming thrilled, as her car won the first two races hands down. We had some car troubles after that, one of the axles got bent after hitting the end of the track, and so we came in second over all. Here are the results of her runs.

Overall standings  
Time Avg. Speed  
11.024 224.2mph Tonya
11.029 224.1mph Chey
11.064 223.4mph Alexa
Cheys’ Races    
Time (sec.) Speed  
2.180 226.8mph  
2.177 227.1mph  
2.246 220.1mph  
2.245 220.2mph  
2.209 223.8mph  
2.218 222.9mph  

Chey had the fastest run of the night with her 227.1. The guy in-charge of the track said that the fastest speed ever was 231.3 so we were right there.