Music When Did It Change??

Or is it me.  I was a metal head growing up Crue, Maiden, Ozzy.  I did not even hear about it if it was made before 1976 (when AC/DC released Dirty Deeds), but oddly enough I hated Metallica.  Anyway, as I have gotten older my tastes have changed massively.  The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Metallica are my top three bands with AC/DC and Ozzy rounding out top five.  While I can barley stand to listen to Crue or Aerosmith anymore (there are a couple of songs that are exceptions to this statement).  This a current list there are couple of others that rotate in and out of the list.  Anyway, I bring this all up because I was thinking of songs that resonate with me and have done so in the past.  Pink Flyod’s Time from the Dark Side of the Moon probably sums up my feeling on life currently.  Sorry just a vent of my thoughts today.