Mission: Find a Hill

Growing up where I did I was grossly spoiled. When I wanted to go tubing I would tell Mom and walk up the block to the North Park and go tubing until my eyes fell out. Or later there was youth activities to the hills or family gatherings on the hill next to Oak City. Anyway, SPOILED. With the massive amount of snow we have had this year I wanted to take the kids sledding. After asking around at work I had a couple of places in mind. So today I loaded the kids up into the EDV and headed out on an expedition. After not being able to find the locations that in the vast wilderness of West Jordan I gave up and started driving around randomly looking for a hill that would be suitable for us. Lo and behold right down the street from Wal-Mart there was a great hill just waiting for us. The kids had a blast. We finally had to leave after the boy kept going out of bounds (read towards the rocks). But it was, without a doubt, somewhere that we will find ourselves again.