Lighting 201

Or Back in the attic again.  I got information about three-way switches from my friend the internet; that is search you want to word very carefully, trust me!  Anyway I had it wired correctly, but the dimmer that I was using needed to have a load on it to work correctly.  Anyway, I went back in the attic, not unlike my toys.  Chey pushed a glow in the dark pole through holes in the ceiling so that I could find where the lights went.  The kids were great help getting tools for me when I needed it and gettting out when I needed it.  I wired the lights and cut the all the holes, after a quick trip to Lowes for a plastic drop cloth.  I finished wiring and almost everything worked (I count that as a victory), another quick trip to Lowes for parts to fix one of fixtures.  I then had to rewire the outlets on the wall and broke one of the electrical boxes, don’t ask I won’t tell.  By this time I was really sick of quick trips to Lowes.   It is so nice to have great light in our living room; it makes everything so bright and vibrant.  Boy, I need to paint.