Right Tools For The Job

Recently, we moved some things around in the kitchen. As a result I needed a new plug in the a wall that did not have one. I have not looked forward to removing drywall to drill down into the basement, big mess lots of frustration. Then I discovered Milwaukee’s Cable Bit.. It is basically a drill bit on a spring, read flexible, steel shaft. So I punched a hole for a remodel electrical box in the wall and proceed to drill. After about six inches I started to get worried. The floor isn’t that thick, what is going on? I had been told all kinds of horror stories about the bit drifting and going all over the place. So I took minute to regroup. While regrouping my daughter comes to me a says, “Dad, maybe you should quit watching those building shows.” Now thems fight’n words. NOW I have something to PROVE!! To the tool cave (Home Depot). I will throw all the money needed to regain my ability to watch those building shows. Thriteen, can you believe it only 13 dollars later I had in my grimly little hands a Placement Tool. After that it is was bada bing bada boom, done and done, and easy as pie. No really, it was probably 90 seconds to drill the hole and then another half hour to wire in the new plug. And no drywall to patch just one hole with an new out let. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go watch Hometime.