Ain’t Nothing Like Fixing Stuff

The brakes on my car have been metal on metal for a couple of weeks.  I have loathed to slow down or stop.  It was just the back brakes so I still could, stop that is.  I knew that the calipers were frozen and every time that happens I end up spending more than 300 dollars, money I I hate to spend.  So let the party begin.  First tools, I need new tools a Dewalt cordless set, a shopvac, a metric wrench set, and visegrips.  Great now I can work.  Swear, cuss, and lament.  Great! every thing is taken apart.  Now how to reset the calipers.  Swear, cuss and more lamentations.  I need a bigger hammer!  Bam, bang, and crash. Sweet it worked!!!!  Let the warm fuzzies begin.  I was thrilled about it all night.  Fixing something that is broken through skill is great. However, there is something even more about a project that you have to reason your way through and still get the desired results is amazing.  Brake pads: $30 Tools: $471 Hearing nothing at a stop light: Priceless  For those of you keeping track yes I spent 500 to save 3.  I am a financial genius!!  Postscript 11/29/07: Three weeks later I still great all smilely when I hit the brakes.