I Fought The Ground and The Ground Won

I have been driving a guy at work nuts, big surprise right.  He went in on the purchase of some aluminum fencing with someone else here.  We have been bugging him for three summers if he has gotten his fence up.  This summer we even tried to force our way into a fencing party.  Anyway, finally, this weekend we were able to have him take us up on the offered help.  We had no idea that the area was an ancient rock burial ground.  I was working on one hole in the ground and the other guys were working on the others.  I took a wrong step backwards and found one of the other holes.  Down I went. All I wanted to do was lay in the dirt and cry.  However, we got everything in and straight.  The fence looks good and when the gate will look great.  I limped off into the sunset took some of the good drugs and tried not to move my ankle.  It took a few days but everything feels better now though.