A Leak, A Repair, And A Busted Bolt

On my way to work today I noticed smoke coming out from under the hood.  A bad sign on most planets.   When I got into work I noticed that the “smoke” was in fact steam from all the antifreeze in the engine hitting the very hot engine block.  After work I went to an autoparts store and picked up some antifreeze.  On a related note that 50/50 stuff they sell now is a complete a rip job, half water and the same price.  What a bargain for me!Q!  So I bought 2 gallons and as I was filling up the radiator I could see it leaking out of the top of the water pump.  I got home , bought a gasket and helped someone move.  When I got back from that I figured pull the two bolts and replace the gasket.  Half hour job tops, WRONG.  Bolt one no problem; bolt two sheared off and it was off to the races.  Five, that’s right all the fingers on one hand, hours, one broken extractor and countless muttered curses later the car is fixed.  Yippee!