Anyone Want a Used Dog CHEAP??

Stupid, stupid dog. We had out of town guests this weekend, and Mudi always makes a right old pest of herself. Banging a the door that they are staying and wanting to play at 3 in the morning she is just a royal pain. So I decided to put her outside; bark, bark bark, right outside the door. FINE!! mutter grumble chain the dog to a tree at the far end of the yard. Well that is where I had the tent for our family (me and the kids) sleep outs. By the morning that dog had gone Freddy Kruger on the tent and had completely ripped the back half of the tent to absolute shreds. The dumb dog spent the rest of the weekend on a very short chain in the back yard being taught the importance of silence and the dog house.

I put the compressor to good use, beside being able to repair a bunch of furniture that Christy had bought at a yard sale. We used it to launch 2 liter water rockets 75 feet into the air the kids and I had hours of fun with that.