Worst Drive Ever

That horrible desolate “well-maintained” (please note the dripping sarcasm) stretch from Gallup to Cortez. We were only on it for an hour from Farmington to Cortez, but it still was way to long.

The day started off with me and Logan going and washing the EDV to remove all the white “sands”. As we came back we, and by we I mean Logan sharp kid that one, noticed that Mike and fam were at the Carl’s Jr. next to the motel. They were on their way out, and thought that we had already left. So we called Christy and we all came down for breakfast and good-byes. I sure like Mike, Alex and crew they are good people. Before we left for home we stopped by Carolyn’s (Christy’s cousin) house for a few minutes, she is a very talented artist.

Then it was on the way home. We went through Farmington instead of Durango to Cortez and it SUCKED!!! Driving through Farmington added at least an hour because of the lower speed limit, and then it was onto the reservation and the bumpiest and crappiest road we drove on the whole trip. Every bump I would feel like someone was punching me in the side it was bad, bad, bad.

Just after Moab Dad called to tell me that there was a huge fire around Fillmore (it turned out to be the biggest one in Utah’s history), and they weren’t letting people down the freeway. Even from over a hundred miles away we could see smoke it was very hazy and the sun was red high in the sky. So it was all the way home for us.

It took 12 hours to get home and we we did it was 95 in the house, I turned off the A/C while we were gone, so it did not cool down until 5 in the morning.

All in all it was a good trip maybe we can do it again soon.