White Sands My Butt!

Try White cement. There are two things (probably more, but for the sake of the story) about the Las Cruces are that everyone knows about White Sands Missile Range where the first Atomic weapon was detonated and White Sands National Park where they try to pass concrete off as sand. This post deals with the travesty of justice when dealing with the second.

Well the plan was presented that everyone would go out to White Sands and hang out for a while. We wanted to go early as it was supposed to get fairly hot today. So we got there at around 10 in the morning (PS If you roll down all your windows the border patrol agents aren’t anywhere interested where you are going or what you are doing). After we found a place to park and unload we sent the kids down the slopes with snow disks. Mike went down and then sent Ronan, man the poor kid bit it hard. Then Mike wanted to jump off of the top. Looked like fun so I did it also. So off I went…run…trip…stutterstep… leap…land…fall…twist…crash…and SNAP!! I have broken a hand full of bones in my life but this was the first time I actually heard the crack of the bones breaking. It turns out that the rain the night before had caused the “white sand,” read gypsum, to fuse together like, uhmm, well I guess SHEETROCK. Later on I was actually walking on the dunes and not even leaving a mark. All in all everyone had fun, even with the broken ribs it was better than I figured it would. Chey walked around saying she was 50-50 as she played. Logan was the man he had a technique that allowed him to fly down the dunes and not wipe out. Me well I just laid down in the expedition and tried not to breathe.

After a late lunch at La Posta where I was able to add to my hot sauce collection some Satan’s Blood, an aptly name vial of capsicum resin that looks just like blood and running 800K SU is hotter than hell. We went back to Nolan’s and got ready for dinner. After everyone got there we ate and launched off the last of the Mike firework barrage. It was a lot of fun.