EL Pinto and the Temple

Today we left Cruces for Albuquerque. It was an ok drive the road was not to bumpy and the EDV rides pretty smooth, so the ribs weren’t as bad as they could have been. The temple was quite nice some of Nolan’s family was there; his brothers David and Charles and sister Diane along with their spouses. Caroline was there also her husband came by a little after. After that we all went our separate ways Mike and us went to the motel and checked in and swam.

Mike had wanted to go to Giardins. The whole trip I had been the “Just tell me what I’m doing.” but when it came to eat I had to step up and scream I WANT EL PINTO, after all I have been buying their salsa for 5 years.

Boy I’ll tell you what though. If your gonna eat at El Pinto on a Friday night you better be ready to wait for a while. We put our name down at 6:30 and didn’t get seated until 8:00. What a place though it is trinormus with waterfalls and patio dining, large rooms and an atmosphere that just does not begin or end. I had an burrito, and it was incredible.