Horses, Cable Rides, and BOOM

Happy 4TH of July, as we celebrate this time please take time to remember and pray for those in harms way defending our way of life.

Our 4th started with me getting up and helping Nolan finish the path to his lawn shed. They have a very, very nice backyard. I was very jealous; I really liked the well that he had put in for the free water. When we ran out of crusher fines we went back and relaxed until lunch. Christy’s cousin came down from Albuquerque, Will and Steph, Mike’s family and us rounded out the table. Hamburgers with green chilies, Oh sooooo gooooood. After lunch we went to Stephs house and looked saw the horses, Chey and Logan even got a little bareback riding in. Then the big surprise Will has a boom lift on his truck and gave the kids rides up and down the cable (Chey went up about 30 feet before Christy started hyperventilating). Then is was back to Nolan’s and then to dinner its nice to be in an area that is not afraid of heat, they had some vinegar with peppers in it that was great on potatoes. Dinner gave way to fireworks that Mike bought, the things that are legal in NM is crazy. That went on until Mother Nature started her own fireworks as a storm came in we all turned in. (Remember this rain it will play an important role in the weeks to come.)