Life Is A Highway

… All night long.  20 hours on the road, now that’s a party!!  The trip started with Dad’s birthday party which was a great time.  We stayed that night at the house I turned in early because we planned to leave at 3 in the AM (insanity is fun you should try it some time).  No one could sleep past midnight so at 12:04am we loaded the truck and headed out.  After a gas and rest stop in Moab around 4:30 we landed in Mesa Verde at 7:30 for breakfast.

Mesa Verde was quite fun and very interesting.  We couldn’t do much but we were able to go the Spruce Tree House.  Logan was an amazing little trooper he walked the whole trail (about half a mile) without one single complaint, Chey did the same, but she kind of wanted to go off on her own so she got a little frustrated with it all.  After that we went back to a picnic area and had lunch and then back on the road again right around noon.

Finally, at 8:00 we came to Las Cruces, it took a little while for the “homing” instinct to kick for Christy so we did not get to her dad’s house until 8:30 but we got a nice drive around the city, and just a little teasing for Christy.  We were pretty beat by the end of the day.