Camping Out, Sleeping In

Now that the system is <a href=”″>closed</a> I decided  that we could start sleeping outside in the tent and what not.  Just because we live in the big city doesn’t we can’t live like hicks right?  We, the kids, the dog, and I, wait around for the temps to drop a little and set up a tent cooked hot dogs over the fire pit and then marshmallows (Chey makes a perfect roasted marshmallow).  Then the games turned to “I you were Mom were would you hide the airmattress?” We never did find it.  So Chey played to her strengths and pulled every blanket, pillow and soft surface out of the house and made us all beds.  Mudi had a blast, but drove me crazy as she would bark at every little noise.

Great Fun, we will do it again.

S 94/69