Because Exxon Was Hurting (The EDV)

I find it tough to watch the shareholders of the oil industry take such a beating as their companies struggle to make a profit. So in the interest of the greater good I bought an gas guzzling monster 1998 Ford Expedition or as I call it the EDV Exxon Donation Vehicle. The way I look at it I am just doing my part. As an added bonus I am also helping my garden, global warming is just another term for a longer growing season.

PS. In the interest of full discloser. I hope those in the control of the untouchable vertical monopoly, (oil industry) have a long bath of their own product in a Dantene Hell. Also, I am troubled by the state of the environment, and am confused why it is such a hot-button political issue. I am not a sky is falling (read Al Gore, the inventor of the internet) alarmist, nor am I a there’s no problem we can’t possibly affect the world on a global scale. I just think that we as Americans in a free market should be able to come up with ideas that make sense both financially and environmentally (i.e. tidal power or even pond scum oil). We are smart enough and have the resources to come up with better technologies for energy than burning crap.

MS 76/57