Dog sitting

Marcus and Dana came and dropped off Mudi’s sister on Friday.  They were going to Disneyland for fun and excitement, and we were staying home for boredom and monotony.  At first there were some pretty concerning questions about whether or not the dogs were going to get along. Eventually, the dogs worked out who was boss, although it was never apparent to us who it was.  The funniest thing about the whole thing was that Ariel fought like a cat, paw up ready to scratch and trying to hiss.  When Mudi would get to close Ariel would even swipe like she had claws.  That went on for about two days and Mudi would just throw her weight into it, grab Ariel by the throat, and that started a change in tactics in dog fighting.  They, the dogs, really enjoyed each other and I think that they will miss each other after the vacation.