Perfection Aint Easy To Come By…

but when it does it needs to be remembered. This weekend was perfection. We went to Fillmore for Easter. The Carsons have finished most of the work on their house, and have been wanting us to come and visit when the house is empty. So that is what we did.

We got there Thursday night and just hung out. Got some Deano’s Pizza, the combo of course. Then Dave and I just hung out shooting the Bull. The next morning I needed to get the car inspected so that I could give money to the state. Gene and I got into another discussion about politics, I’m a big lefty or at least I play one in the shop. Then, after some discussion it was off to the rifle range where between the two families we went through 500-600 rounds. We shot everything from black powder to my Mini-30. Dinner was Dutch oven down by the creek, it was not my best showing, but was ok. Weather was in the 70’s during the day and mid-50s during the night. You could not ask for anything better. At one point in the night little David sat down beside me and stated “It doesn’t get any better than this does it.” I could not have agreed more as I listened to the creek and watched the sky turn to coral flames from the sunset.

Saturday was the Olsen’s day. Julie had an Easter party planned for that day. It was fun; the kids had an Easter egg hunt and Dad made some really good Dutch oven potatoes and baked beans. Everyone was there except Celeste and Robert who had vacations and work to attend to respectively. By the time we were home we were all beat and to tired to notice that part of our fence had blown down.