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  • Hey Look I Do Remeber This Blog

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To You All. Check out this awesome song. I promise that next year there will be more activity on this blog… Check out what has been chewing up all my time here. (LINK)

  • Test From Precious

    One device to rule them all and bind them in the BlackBerryness.  There is now an app for WordPress that runs natively on most smartphones. WOOT!!

  • Blog changes

    I am in the process of updating my blog agian. I will be making quite a few changes. PLEASE let me know of any ideas, looks, things you like, things you hate. I will try to incorporate them into the site.

  • Impostor

    I just found out that my idea has been copied. I am the angry gardner and now there is an angry gardener. I knew when I registered the incorrect spelling I needed to grab the other address. But, I didn’t so now if you go to there is a site that has and adult […]